The Stephen M. Taylor, Ph.D. Fund to Support Coast Hospice

Hospice of Washington County – Providing Hospice Care in Washington County and Supporting Hospice Care A World Away

In 2009, through the Foundation for Hospices in sub-Saharan Africa partnering initiate, Hospice of Washington County and Coast Hospice were partnered. This partnership allows us to help those less fortunate than us by providing support, financial assistance and technical assistance.

About Coast Hospice “Bringing peace into their days”

Located in Mombasa, Kenya, Coast Hospice serves the residents of the coast region by providing palliative care for the terminally ill. Coast Hospice, a registered charity, began operations in August 2001. Their work involves operating an outpatient facility, visiting patients both in hospitals and in their homes within the Coast Province. Over 95% of the patients cared for by Coast Hospice are the poorest of the poor.
Prior to August 2001 the Coast Province lacked these essential services hence compelling some terminally ill patients to travel to Nairobi in search of medical care. Many of these patients were unable to get treatment earlier due to financial constraints. In this regard, a small group of volunteers agreed to look into modalities aimed at establishing a hospice complete with a palliative care team.

The primary aim of Coast Hospice is:

  • To provide palliative care for the terminally ill in the Coast Province region through out-patient, home-based and day-care services.
  • To counsel, support and train the families of the terminally ill patients on how to care for the patient in a home setting, which is familiar and comforting.
  • To promote the training/educational programs in palliative care for health care professionals, health care workers and other volunteers working in the Coast Province.

Since its inception, Coast Hospice has been able to provide care to hundreds of patients. On average the Hospice attends to 25 patients every week through the out-patient services and 6 patients through home visits.
Coast Hospice depends on donations from individuals and corporate organizations in order to reach numerous patients who would otherwise have nowhere else to turn.

Your Designated Gift Can Help

By choosing Coast Hospice on the donation information page, your gift will be used to support the programs and services provided to patients and their families in Mombasa, Kenya.

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