24 Hour Emergency Service

We are there for you when you need us the most.

We provide 24 hour Emergency Support so that you don’t have to handle the hard times alone. HWC supports individuals and the family/friends support system with medical and emotional care to enable every moment of life to be fully lived. HWC also provides grief support and educational services to ensure that everyone in our community grieve in a healthy way.

Hospice services are designed for individuals with a life-limiting illness. They do not have to be home bound as they do with home health services, nor does there need to be a skilled condition. Our staff is experienced to handle the situations associated with life-limiting illnesses and issues. We provide a holistic approach through a team of compassionate professionals who achieve excellence by anticipating and providing responsive medical, emotional and spiritual support to the individual and family/friends support system.

Please call 301-791-6360 to speak to someone immediately.