Community Life Centers

Community Life Center Mission Statement

The Community Life Centers of Hospice of Washington County provide grief support, education and life-enhancing activities to hospice family members and the community.

  • Hospice of Washington County’s Community Life Centers are:
  • Located in the heart of underserved areas.
  • Dedicated to providing professional bereavement services, at no cost, to all who have suffered a life-changing loss.
  • Committed to providing space, at no cost, to individuals, groups and nonprofits willing to share knowledge, skills and programs that strengthen the community.

Community Life Center Vision Statement

The Community Life Centers are places dedicated to healing.  There, individuals can find compassionate counseling from professional bereavement specialists, can attend educational workshops dedicated to helping them move forward with life after a loss and can connect with others who understand their grief by participating in a variety of support groups and remembrance services. 

At the Community Life Centers, individuals and nonprofits are invited to use the space, at no cost, to offer programs that will benefit and strengthen the community.  Because HWC recognizes that communities are only as strong as people are engaged, its staff encourages residents to share their talents and assists with developing, scheduling and promoting volunteer-led programs.  

HWC’s Community Life Centers

Hagerstown Community Life Center
20 W. Washington Street, 3rd Floor
Hagerstown, MD 21740

Hancock Community Life Center
126 W. High Street, 2nd Floor
Hancock, MD 21750

Print the Interest Survey Below and drop it by Hancock Town Hall or the Hancock Community Life Center.

Interest Survey for Hancock Residents_Revised 2

Boonsboro Community Life Center
28 N. Main Street
Boonsboro, MD 21713