Caregiver’s Corner

Who are Caregivers?

At HWC, we offer our support and encouragement to Caregivers. It is important that you, a Caregiver, either as a ‘first-timer or an old pro’, realize you are not alone on this journey.

Caregiving equals love, unconditional love and while it might be one of the hardest things we do, it could be the most rewarding thing we do in life!

So who are Caregivers? Rosalyn Carter has, perhaps, best identified Caregivers when she considered them as being:

  • Those who are Caregivers,
  • Those who have been Caregivers,
  • Those who will be Caregivers, and
  • Those who will need Caregivers.

From this identification, one realizes that virtually most of us, at some point in our lives, will either provide care for another person or receive care from someone. In the US, according to a MetLife Survey in 2004, 33.9 million Americans are providing care for someone 50+ years of age. In reality, the number is probably much higher; however, most people who are Caregivers don’t classify themselves as being such because they don’t think that taking someone to a doctor’s appointment or picking up groceries makes them a Caregiver. By rights, they are. Providing assistance for someone whom can no longer do specific task(s) for him/her self makes you a Caregiver.

Being a Caregiver is not something that most people think about becoming. Not, that is, until the need actually presents itself for them to step into that position and accept the role. Acceptance of the Caregiver role usually does not happen without some reservation or fear. Looking to professional Caregivers can be a good place to get started with questions and concerns.

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Help for Caregivers

We realize that Caregiving can be a burden, but it also supplies our need to love and care for other people. The responsibility, challenges and rewards that come along with caring for another person are immeasurable. Being well informed, taking care of self, and seeking help can make all the difference.

Our Community Relations Department can provide a variety of educational workshops for your business, civic group, or congregation regarding Caregiving. If you would be interested in a Speaker, please contact us or call us at 301-791-6360.