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HWC Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

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COVID-19 Updates


May 29, 2020

Recently, Governor Hogan announced that the State of Maryland had another 14-day downward trend of key metrics regarding COVID-19 which has allowed the State to safely move forward and take additional steps to complete Stage 1 of the recovery plan.  

HWC has updated its visitor policy and other policies during the COVID 19 Stage 1 recovery plan at its inpatient facility. The updated policies are as follows:

  • Patients at Doey’s House may have a maximum of (2) visitors at a time with the opportunity to switch out with other family members as needed.Every visitor will be required to wear a mask or covering prior to entering the building. If a visitor screens positive (fever), they will be restricted entry into the building. If loved one is actively dying, access to patient will be granted via patio entry only
  • We understand the delicacy and importance of being there during all final end of life transitions. Our team will work with larger groups of family members to ensure that they can be a part of this critical time. If larger groups are visiting and are rotating (2) at a time, they must wait outside of the building or in their vehicles before they re-enter or enter the building.
  • If the Doey’s House patient tests positive for COVID 19, the patients and families will be immediately notified. The patient would be able to have (2) visitors at the bedside at a time, however, PPE must be worn and a 6 foot distance from patient must be observed during visit.  The visitors of COVID 19  positive patients will not be able to enter the main area of Doey’s House.
  • Pet visits will not be permitted at Doey’s House.
  • Volunteer shifts have been suspended at Doey’s House.


Please know that HWC continues to operate at full proportions and will provide clinical visits inpatient care, and 24/7 support by our team of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, chaplains, nursing aides, bereavement counselors, and support staff. Please call our HWC team with questions or concerns. If you have urgent needs, call (301) 791 - 6360. Your call will be directed to our Triage Team for immediate response 24/7.

Please use the CDC website for additional updates!

Thank you.

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