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HWC Society Information

Your gift - in combination with others - will ensure quality end of life care and grief counseling for you and your loved ones. Your donation will ensure that the mission of HWC will continue and the organization can continue to serve our community coping with aging, serious illness and grief. Because these issues cross all socio-economic lines, you or someone you know will have likely experienced HWC’s supportive care - or will.

Thanks to so many generous individuals, HWC consistently goes above and beyond to offer much-needed services that are not reimbursed by Medicare and other payers. HWC does not turn away a patient from care due to their inability to pay.

The Dogwood Society

The Dogwood Society is a group of community-minded individuals whose generosity is key to helping Hospice of Washington County achieve its vital mission. Society Membership is making a gift of $100 to $1,500 per year. View our brochure.

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The Silver Oak Society

The Silver Oak Society recognizes individuals who make an extraordinary investment in the charitable mission of Hospice of Washington County. Membership is bestowed upon those making a gift of $10,000 in a given year or a pledge of $2,000 per year for 5 years. View our brochure.

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The Redwood Society

The Redwood Society recognizes businesses and foundations that want to reinvest in the health of their community and to secure resources for their employees. There are a number of giving levels that our corporate citizens can select. View our brochure.

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The Evergreen Society

Supporting our Mission Today, Tomorrow and in the Future. We invite you to join the HWC Evergreen Society. This special society was created to recognize the many loyal friends who have established a personal legacy in support of HWC’s comprehensive end-of-life and grief counseling services.

Naming Hospice of Washington County, Inc. in your will may enable you to make a significant contribution and leave a legacy.You may make a bequest to Hospice of Washington County, Inc. in your will itself or by adding a codicil to your present will. Bequests to Hospice of Washington County, Inc. may be of cash, securities, or other property. Bequests of all sizes are welcome, whether they are outright, contingent, or residual.

Giving to a charity through your will or estate plan allows you to give on a basis intended to maximize your income tax situation and help meet the needs of the causes that are meaningful to you. Your options are varied and depends on how you want to use your assets during your lifetime.

If you have included such a provision in your will or estate plan, please let us know, so that we may recognize your generous intent, through membership in The Evergreen Society.

Evergreen Society Brochure

To learn more, contact Karen Giffin, Associate Vice President of Mission Advancement at or call 301-791-6360.