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Hospice Care Focuses on Quality of Life

No one knows when the final season of life will occur, but they can count on Hospice of Washington County to make each day the best that it can be. We offer expert medical and personal care, as well as emotional and spiritual support expressly tailored to our patients' specific needs and wishes. Education and support are provided each step of the way for the patient's caregivers, family and friends as well.

While no one can predict the physical course of one's life, history has taught us some valuable indicators about the life cycles. At HWC, our referral/admissions team can help you determine when the time is appropriate for hospice care at home. Timely referrals to hospice can increase overall satisfaction with their care, symptom management, improved quality of life, and communication to healthcare providers.

Symptoms Not Responsive to Optimal Treatment

  • patient refusing dialysis or stopping dialysis
  • weight loss
  • functional decline
  • cognitive decline
  • increasing weakness
  • orthostatic hyptension
  • dehydration
  • decreasing muscle mass
  • increase in infections

Common Indicators of End Stage Renal Disease

  • creatine clearence of <10cc/min (<15 cc/min for diabetics)
  • serum creatine >8.0 mg/dL (>6.0 mg/dL for diabetics)
  • Uremia
  • Oliguria: urine output <400 cc/24 hrs
  • intractable hyperkalemia
  • persistent serum potassium >7.0