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How to Create a Facebook Fundraiser

To create a fundraiser, follow these steps:

1. Click Fundraisers in the left menu of your News Feed (click “Home” to get to your News Feed).

Fundraiser Icon

2. Click Raise Money for a Nonprofit Organization, then “Get Started”.

Select a Non-profit


 3. Select Hospice of Washington County.

4. Fill in how much you would like to raise and how long you would like the fundraiser to last.

Select an Amount

5. Give your fundraiser a fun title and tell people why you are raising money for HWC. Share a personal story to show the connection you have to the organization. Write about what HWC has done for you or a loved one, or how they have impacting your life. Or select one of HWC's Special Funds to raise money for.

Adding a story to your fundraiser


6. Accept the photo supplied or add one of your own by clicking the camera icon. You could add a memorial picture of someone Hospice served.

7. Click Create.

Any money you raise is automatically sent to HWC through secure channels. We appreciate your support.

Screenshot of Facebook Fundraiser for HWC