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HWC Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

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HWC COVID-19 Service Plan


APRIL 2, 2020


As our community continues to feel the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Hospice of Washington County has been continuously monitoring and responding to Federal and State recommendations on how to best protect patients, caregivers, staff and volunteers from the Coronavirus. 


“HWC is well prepared and organized to meet the evolving challenges of this global health crisis,” stated CEO Ernesto Lopez. “But most of all, we are here for our patients.”


HWC is committed to taking the necessary steps to ensure the safety of our community. HWC coordinates every day with the appropriate entities including the Washington County Health Department, Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and the Washington County Emergency Operations Center.


The following steps that were implemented by HWC include: 

  • HWC Staff are being screened every day for symptoms of, or potential exposure to, COVID-19. HWC is obtaining and providing the necessary protective gear including but not limited to goggles, gloves, and gowns for our clinical staff as needed.
  • HWC Staff will continue home and facility medically necessary visits. HWC has partnered with TapCloud™ in order to initiate Telehealth (Video) conferences for our staff to maintain communication with patients and their loved ones.
  • HWC Staff are calling patients ahead to ask the COVID-19 screening questions before every medically necessary visit--even if you answered them earlier the same day. If patients answer “yes” to any of these questions, we will ensure that our staff will be equipped with approved personal protective equipment before they make a medically necessary visit.
  • In most cases, Chaplain, Bereavement and Social Workers will be conducting visits virtually.
  • All in person volunteer services are suspended until further notice.


HWC has updated its visitor policy and other policies during the COVID 19 pandemic at its inpatient facility, Doey’s House. The updated policies are as follows:

  • Only those who are visiting imminently dying patients will be permitted entry. Imminently dying patients may have up to 2 visitors at the same time. Visitors to patients will be asked COVID-19 screening questions upon arrival. If the visitor answers yes to any of these questions, further in room restrictions will be implemented.
  • We understand the delicacy and importance of being there during all final end of life transitions. Our team will work with larger groups of family members to ensure that they can be a part of this critical time. Coordination will include exterior access to patient rooms, video (virtual) links to the room/patient/other family members, and or rotation of other family members with appropriate use of personal protective equipment. 
  • Pet visits will not be permitted at Doey’s House.
  • Volunteer shifts have been suspended at Doey’s House.


Please know that HWC continues to operate at full proportions and will provide medically necessary visits, inpatient care, and 24/7 support by our team of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, chaplains, nursing aides, bereavement counselors, and support staff. Please call our HWC team with questions or concerns. If you have urgent needs, call (301) 791 - 6360. Your call will be directed to our Triage Team for immediate response 24/7.


Please use the CDC website for additional updates -


Thank you.