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RN Case Manager: Pam Ricker

Watch Pam Ricker's employee spotlight here:

RN Case Manager: Pam Ricker

Pam Ricker's Story

Pamela Ricker has seen hundreds of patients in her seven years, working as an RN Case Manager at Hospice of Washington County. She loves making sure they are comfortable and that their families feel supported. “It’s very gratifying,” she says. 

Before coming to hospice, she worked with people who have developmental disabilities. A friend encouraged her to explore hospice care.  

The transition was not seamless. “Initially it was a little shocking,” she recalls.  ”It was rough at first, but I hung in there and I had some great supervisors and great mentors who helped me along the way.”

Currently on the Facilities Team, she’s assigned to particular facilities to see patients. She is also on-call which can take her to see anybody in Washington County or in parts of Pennsylvania. 

Covid considerably changed care delivery. She and her team had to alter how they assessed their patients when visits segued to virtual meetings and masked in-person visits. Her years of working with developmentally disabled people gave Pam a heightened sensitivity to how touch can communicate comfort and understanding. “You have to think of other ways to show expressions and to show that you care,” she says. 

Pam grew up a self-described “Army Brat,” and her family moved 13 times in 12 years.  She finally landed in Maryland in 1972, where she stayed and raised her own family. 

Today her daughters and grandchildren still live nearby, and she visits her son and his family in Florida. She loves spending time with family and friends, especially while going out to eat and exploring local wineries and breweries.